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No 52 (2018): MISCELLANEA Sunni literary responses to the spread of Shia ideology in Northern Nigeria Abstract   PDF
Kabiru Haruna Isa
No 50 (2016): MISCELLANEA Survey of Swahili Dictionaries: Elements of the Microstructure Abstract   PDF
Beata Wójtowicz
No 50 (2016): MISCELLANEA Survey of Swahili Dictionaries: the Macrostructure Abstract   PDF
Beata Wójtowicz
No 46 (2012): miscellanea Swahili lexicography in Poland: its history and immediate future Abstract   PDF
Beata Wójtowicz, Piotr Bański
No 44 (2010): miscellanea Swahili vs. English in Tanzania and the political discourse Abstract   PDF
Karsten Legère
No 50 (2016): MISCELLANEA The Complementizer say in Nigerian Pidgin English – Traces of Language-internal Processes or Areal Features? Abstract   PDF
Olga Frąckiewicz
No 51 (2017): MISCELLANEA The Ethiopic account of Anthony Rawḥ martyrdom and the perception of the Muslim Arab world in Christian Ethiopia Abstract   PDF
Marcin Krawczuk
No 51 (2017): MISCELLANEA The Future of East African Kiswahili Orature in the Digital Age: A case study of WhatsApp Narrative Abstract   PDF
Aldin K. Mutembei
No 46 (2012): miscellanea The Genesis of the Contemporary Ethiopian Legal System Abstract   PDF
Zuzanna Augustyniak
No 49 (2015): MISCELLANEA The history of railway in Ethiopia and its role in the economic and social development of this country Abstract   PDF
Michał Kozicki
No 48 (2014): MISCELLANEA The Mobutu Regime: Leveraging State Weakness Abstract   PDF
Jeroen Van den Bosch
No 51 (2017): MISCELLANEA The origins of Kushi in oral narratives Abstract   PDF
Gian Claudio Batic
No 49 (2015): MISCELLANEA The Paintings in St. George Church in Addis Ababa as a Method of Conveying Information about History and Power in 20th - century Ethiopia Abstract   PDF
Hanna Rubinkowska-Anioł
No 47 (2013): MISCELLANEA The Polysemy of Body Part Terms in Hausa within the Frame of Image Schemas Abstract   PDF
Tijjani Shehu Almajir
No 48 (2014): MISCELLANEA The Range and Beauty of Internal Reconstruction: Probing Hausa Linguistic History Abstract   PDF
Paul Newman
No 50 (2016): MISCELLANEA The Role of Pictures, the Veneration of Icons and the Representation of Christ in Two Oriental Orthodox Churches of the Coptic and Ethiopian Traditions Abstract   PDF
Christine Chaillot
No 47 (2013): MISCELLANEA The Year of Africa Remembered: Horizons of Change in African Studies 50 years after the Year of Africa Abstract   PDF
Marina Tolmacheva
No 45 (2011): miscellanea Transfixation in Hausa: A Hypothetical Analysis Abstract   PDF
Bello S. Y. Al-Hassan
No 48 (2014): MISCELLANEA Two East African Toponyms: A Case Study in Intercultural Transmission of Knowledge Abstract   PDF
Marina Tolmacheva
No 52 (2018): MISCELLANEA Uncertainty, risk, and trust in nineteenth-century East African longdistance trade Abstract   PDF
Marek Pawełczak
No 52 (2018): MISCELLANEA Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa – sangoma, African sage, fraud or a New Age shaman? Abstract   PDF
Agnieszka Podolecka
No 44 (2010): miscellanea What is New in Ethiopian and other African Language Areas? Abstract   PDF
Andrzej Zaborski
No 47 (2013): MISCELLANEA ‘Muscular Christianity’: the Role of the Ethiopian YMCA Sports in Shaping ‘Modern’ Masculinities (1950s-1970s) Abstract   PDF
Katrin Bromber
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